Hairpin crochet

Details of process : These images show the simple technique involved to create hairpin crochet from paper yarn.  I have a small crochet pin  -but for this project  I wanted to keep at least 200 stitches on the pin for each circle. This gives a dense looped effect that echoes handwriting. So I created a new tool from a pair of knitting needles with a removable wooden top.  This retains the loops on the pin in order to insert a monofilament to create the component parts of the final piece.

The resulting piece will be quite a large scale net created from linked circles of loopy 3D handwriting, but the crochet is slow due to the paper yarn lacking in elasticity.  The inspiration for this piece comes from my recent PhD work examining linked thoughts and making process (more detail on this in the next post).  I  translated the concept maps into 2D designs then into a ‘thinking cap’ – a sculptural  space for reflection.


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