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Holiday Gift Guide: Deadly is the Female

Love this for tango- femme fatale!

CoochieCrunch Presents the first part of a Seasonal Gift Guide featuring our favourite independent retailers. Put your money where your house is and shop local and independent this December!

Deadly is the Female is a faux vintage boutique and web store specialising in old fashioned Hollywood glamour. This shop is passionate about celebrating curves and femininity from head to toe.

Deadly is the Female are stockists of some of the best pin up and faux vintage brands including Stop Staring! Pinup Couture, Bernie Dexter, Bettie Page and What Katie Did. Dresses are the house speciality with everything from Jessica Rabbit-esque wiggle dresses to full 50’s style swing dresses with the petticoats to match.

The focus is on helping women with boobs and bottoms find dresses when the high street fashion is generally cut to hide or just plain ignore curves. If you don’t have a naturally curvy figure or are…

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Collar Necklace, Why Not?

Thought about this for my niece but she is now 18 – I think that would work?

Jessica Alba

What I’m loving: Rihanna in Alexander Wang

Looks good on Rhianna.

Style By Brooke


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So beautiful

Are you going anywhere that would demand this dress, if you are can I share an invite?


353884483189026808_aO1EOPvQ_c34621490856597656_kU5lqLxp_cElie Saab

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Vivienne Westwood, 1977

she hasn’t changed a bit!

an American abroad



Vivienne Westwood, 1977 in London. Classic.  Via Lucky Mag

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Entre Rios

Our Tango social dance otherwise known as a  Milonga has now officially got a name (see the images below), a fantastic sign painted by an artist in Buenos Aires called Jorge Muscia.  See his site at

He has painted a pheonix on the ‘S’,  which was his idea but is totally relevant to the regeneration and renewal of growth and energy in Cockermouth. It also features the ciebo national flower of  Argentinia and the flag- blue and white stripes but with a pheonix in the centre instead of a gold sun.  But it has really brought some sunshine into our freezing cold December dance nights, more powerfully than any Christmas decoration could ever have done and we get to show it every month like a mini exhibition in a Milonga.

Jorge with Maggi in Buenos Aires on completion of the sign, painted with a true fileteador approach.

Jorge Muscia with Maggi Toner-Edgar in Buenos Aires displaying all his hard work, painted with larger than life colours, which seem to store the South American sunshine.

Jorge Muscia

Here is a picture of Jorge Muscia who painted our sign for the naming of our Tango Dance (Milonga)


Friday night saw the naming of the Cockermouth Tango Group’s social dance (milonga in tango parlance) with the unveiling of a new milonga title banner by tango teachers Liliana Tolomei (Buenos Aires) and Santiago Leon (Barcelona). The artwork was commissioned on a recent visit to Buenos Aires by group organisers Phil Edgar and Maggi Toner-Edgar from Buenos Aires artist Jorge Muscia ( The artwork includes the Argentine national flower, the ceibo, which is the signifier of the phoenix the symbol of regeneration which, of course, has particular significance to Cockermouth.

The new title of the milonga is ‘Entre Rios’ which is a state in Argentina as well as one of the main thoroughfares of Buenos Aires, Entre Rios means ‘between the rivers’ which makes it directly relevant to Cockermouth.


NETS Exhibition Australia Geelong Forum

NETS Exhibition Australia Geelong Forum

It is great to see all the wonderful textile work shown at the Geelong Forum in Australia, all courtesy of Angie Wyman who took the exhibits from our Textile Network Group over there and displayed them alongside our Australian colleagues.

Angie hard at work doing the prep for the exhibition – Well Done Angie on behalf of the Northern  Textile Network in the UK, she did us proud. Here alongside are some examples of her work also showing in the NETS exhibition in Australia.

Left to Right: Maggi Toner-Edgar, Janet Wilde, Gwyn Hunt and Valerie Kirk


Pieces by Valerie Kirk

The above pieces by me are digital print outs of textile designs if you would like to see a couple of them printed onto silk go along to the C-Art Christmas Exhibition at the Tullie House Gallery in Carlisle Cumbria from 16th December onwards, where you can also buy interesting local craft pieces in the shop by Amanda Mercer and Emma Wiggington.  There will be a dynamic night in the final week, Thursday 7th February  when I will be hosting the Contemporary Vision 20 x 20 event in the Tullie House Lecture theatre, where Artists will be showing 20 examples of their work.  It is a rapid paced event with only 20 seconds per slide and a n interactive audience Q & A session afterwards.  Hope to see you there.

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