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The Sketchbook Series: Marion Wilcocks

Some fantastic life drawing from a talented artist, note to self must do more…

SGFA Journal

Pen and wash figure study 2 Pen and wash figure study 2

“My sketchbooks are filled with diverse drawings, but here I’d like to focus mainly on people observed in passing, as well as subjects in the Life studio, where I use the sketchbook for preliminary studies or rapid poses.

Action pose Action pose

My favourite format is square, with paper robust enough to take a bit of watercolour, and with a stitched binding, so that I can expand across two pages when I want to.

I work fast, and I don’t fiddle with life sketches; they stay the way they arrived on the paper. Sketchbooks are fun to look at because they record immediacy.

Coffee bar Coffee bar

Out and about, I like to draw whenever I can. I explore the way figures form interesting compositions as they recede in perspective, also the extraordinary differences between figure types and shapes.

Travelling by train or bus, I will often draw from…

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‘Be Remarkable – Love Your Figure Type’ Slideshare 19 June 2014

Thank you to the all the people who have bought this book of which there are only a couple of my illustrations in this slide show. Thanks also to those who have listened to the talk, please remember to complete your homework and actually write the letter with more than three requests and aspects.  Be grateful for the beauty you have in both your interior and exterior world remember to let it shine out.  Also remember to love the body you have and give it more of what it really, truly needs. I use images of celebrities but feel this is not copyright infringement as I use them as a means of education and inspiration from style icons….enjoy!Image and inspiration from style icons….enjoy!

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Part Two of the Cumbrian Style Show – Country Chic

Part Two of the Cumbrian Style Show

This is the second part of the  Cumbrian Style Show, focusing on country chic at Cockermouth Country Clothing Shop.  The women were both surprised as they thought it was just a shop for farmers, and horse riders, but we do have a great country clothing shop in Cockermouth,  it is a beautiful tourist town in the Lake District and we live in such a beautiful place we need some outdoor gear. These women are both business women and mums and they  had dismissed this sort of clothing as not really suitable for business but they were surprised what quality items they could find.  They need this as they travel miles in rural environments going to see clients in very isolated locations, farm tracks, cobble stones, lots of rain etc!  I though it was just what they needed and Sarah the owner has just won a business award she is doing well with her online store with brands such as Toggi, Hunter, Ariat, Ness etc. Give her a ring and she can get your size.

Thanks to my friend singer/songwriter Judith Jones for allowing me to use the intro to Mississippi Flood which is out on CD – ‘Under Orion’s Stare’  I just love this intro…. enjoy

The First Cumbrian Style Show

The First Cumbrian Style Show

This is the very first Cumbrian Style.  We had great fun – who would have thought you could find such great clothes in Cockermouth.  We do have some great shops in Cockermouth,  it is a beautiful tourist town in the Lake District-  Annabelle’s and Zebra (a new shop) and for this show we used only one shop Sandra Todd’s Shop Desire.  Despite the horrible 6mth long roadworks Cockermouth is still worth a visit. These women both 40 years old or over – had dismissed it as a young fashion shop and were surprised what quality items they could find in such a small town.  So it pays to try more shops and try on more in the changing room.  Part Two of this Style Show is another surprising shop to find such gems!

Thanks to my friend singer/songwriter Judith Jones for allowing me to use the intro to Mississippi Flood which is out on CD – ‘Under Orion’s Stare’  I just love this intro…. enjoy

Design Hero’s x

Maison Bentley Style has a love personal take on styling which I really admire.

Maison Bentley Style


Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli’s  Valentino are serenely working a rich thread of inspiration which carries through to their Resort 2015 Collection.


I look at their work and wonder what it is that always makes my heart beat so.  And every time the answer is the same: The workmanship.


When you read descriptions of dresses from centuries past: delicate silks caught in a web of tulle with stitches made with fairy hands…you think it’s a quality of work that’s been lost forever…until you see Valentino.



It’s also fascinating that these exquisite clothes are not based on the clothes from the Ball room or Drawing room, but are drawn from bohemian and peasant designs.  Every-day-wear now elevated to the heavenly.



The incredible embroideries and textiles have a soul of their own, harking back to that time when only the very best would do, when skill named the price and…

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JPG Forever! x

If you missed the Gaultier Show in London and want to read a really good and personal review of the JeanPaul Gaultier exhibition then go to JPG Forever! x.

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