My Story

Hi, my name is Maggi Toner-Edgar, I used to be a Principal Lecturer of the Applied Arts degree at the University of Cumbria, until I found my freedom and an Haute Couture Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire.

I am enjoying getting back to my old pursuits and passions,  They include Argentine Tango dancing every chance I get especially in Buenos Aires, art, fashion illustration, textiles and millinery design/making and Fashion Styling.  All of this is mixed with my fervent belief in or addiction to  the cool tools of NLP. This explains why my blog seems to be very unfocused a little crazy  – basically it is because I love life, travel and lots of the people I meet and their love and creativity.  So much so, I have become an Ambassador for the Happiness Foundation as I want to spread some creative freedom good feeling around. I do this through after dinner type talks and presentations and events to women’s groups mostly, as I enjoy talking about some of my experiences and the fascinating things I uncovered during my research, which impacts on everyday thinking.

A few years ago I wrote my first book, ‘Thinking Caps’ using my hats to tell my story, based upon the visual aspect of my PhD.  It is a bit of a tear-jerker about love loss and survival,  an inspirational story based on my design process.  It is an artistic journal showing all the textile sculptures hats I made agonised over and each one tells its own story- to encourage inspiration in others.

I have also published an NLP Self-Help Fashion/Style, E-book, it is launched on Amazon Kindle, if you want to leave your email I will send you a free chapter of the book. Go like my page on FB or follow on Twitter if you are interested.  I try to  post only now and then with something of interest rather than flooding the net. I am based in the Cumbrian Lake District, if you fancy a group holiday in the Lakes for any workshops on the powers on NLP for creative styling or realising your full creative potential through I am the woman to help you.  I love travelling and meeting new people and for the right price I am willing to go far and wide.

BOOK “Be Remarkable: Love .  Your Figure Type”


This book is unique as a style book, yes it gives you insider knowledge of the style code used for all figure types and how everyone can use it to dress stylishly with knowledge and confidence.  But it does not just save money on wardrobe mistakes, it has a chapter on self love through dissociation a popular NLP technique.

So you find out more than just the true shape of your body and what suits your figure best, you get an all important tool to carry out your own style ‘revamp’. The advice works from the inside out, loving your body and accepting yourself as you are, giving you the confidence to look your best.

Maggi ‘s knowledge is derived from her own experience working in textile arts, fashion design, haute couture and research. Also she manufactured custom-made high end clothing for women of all shapes and sizes, making each individual look and feel amazing. Now as Director of Creative Style in the  UK, she gives guidance on compiling the perfect ‘lifestyle’ capsule wardrobe and achieving stylish looks with inner confidence.

Her philosophy is based on the premise that being confidently stylish is not just the domain of the young, the slim, or the rich.  You can be stylish by having a bit of knowledge and a new view of yourself.


Published by 2QT Publishing Limited.


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