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Shopping Mantra

 Remember the ‘Shopping Mantra’ – 6 C’s CHARACTER,  CLOTH,  COLOUR,  CUT,  COST and  CORRECT FIT don’t buy if you have to lie  – to yourself about any one of these. My Shopping Mantra, which has been very useful and saved women lots of money. See the Capsule Wardrobe tip sheet which goes alongside this. Plan your wardrobe, after a wardrobe session keep the list in your purse of what would actually extend the pieces you already have. Don’t go shopping when trying to cheer yourself up. Don’t buy too many disparate prints in clashing colours that need careful matching. Don’t buy too long, big and baggy unless you are very tall. Don’t buy unless it matches your capsule wardrobe basics (personalise this to your colourways). Don’t buy if the cost, cloth, character, colour, cut and size are incorrect for you – it has to be right in every way or it is a waste of money. Don’t buy on a whim, go think about it and then return, you may realise you have a top exactly like it or that you need another colour – or may need something else. DO: Use special events to purchase something you have always wanted and make sure it becomes your beloved well worn staple, rather than just adding to a diverse difficult to match collection. Decide what other hobby/interest makes you feel good as opposed to shopping to cheer yourself up, trying a new hair style or make-up look, hair accessories or a lovely magazine to give you ideas for revamping or reusing or to help you update your look with a few accessories. Write a list of things that make you feel happy and use them as a means of focusing your shopping trips or afternoons off. Eg:- spend some of your usual shopping time meeting for coffee with friends you rarely see. Try to be more creative with the clothes you already have.  Find a good dressmaker to alter previous expensive purchases and update them. DO BUY THOUGHTFULLY AND NOT TOO OFTEN SO THAT YOU DON’T FEEL GUILTY AS THESE ARE THE PURCHASES THAT WILL MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD.  Remember the ‘Shopping Mantra’ CHARACTER,  CLOTH,  COLOUR,  CUT,  COST and  CORRECT FIT don’t buy if you have to lie  – to yourself about any one of these.    


Urban v. Haute Couture

Interesting Street Style from Asia  the men seem to do it well, see below kinda cute.  As for Paris Fashion week, the designers seem to be showing a lot of space age metallic cloth and all in ones, that foil coated look is tricky to wear – I think the east seem to have a very cool take on relaxed urban future and ladylike street style that works in the every day.  The leather jackets and garments do futuristic better for me that lame and metallic fibres – its much more haute couture than urban.

street chic

Young and relaxed @ Micheal Kors

The leather weather has arrived, this jacket is purchased from Balenciaga.


Click here for the poster advert

‘Be Remarkable: Love your figure type’.

As I publish my first Style book I am also advertising the ‘Launch of the Style Club’ 3 week blocks at the Kirkgate Arts Centre, Cockermouth, CA13 9PJ   itbegins Wed 19th Sept 5.30-7.30pm please pass on as I know lots of folk who are interested in style, ‘Young /Old’  ‘Male/ Female’  the knowledge they get is adaptable to their situation.  It is all about being stylish with what you have and just forming a sensible capsule wardrobe and gradually updating as you go.  As people gain the  fashion designer’s knowledge at a fraction of the cost of private sessions, they gain in confidence in order to spend more wisely. There will be a follow up in November for 3 weeks on ‘Colour and Style’.  These sessions will be useful to fully understand your complexion, colour mixing and ways to wear the things that aren’t your best colour but you love them!

Hope to see you there…

Don’t you just…

Don’t you just love Jimmy Choo?



Only in dreams unfortunately but in the meantime there is who stock ‘Comme Il Faut’  shoes as they should be, the best shoes in the world.

” No woman needs more than one pair of shoes. But when it comes to shoes and women, the word need doesn’t make any sense.”  Alicia Muniz Shoe collector, designer and founder of Comme il Faut the house that changed the design concept of women’s shoes for tango and Buenos Aires nightlife.

Where they sell these shoes is also beautiful, the street itself is like a little side street in Paris and is lined with artisan shops. See the images on the home page of their site below.  They aren’t just heels but works of art.  The attendants come with pile high boxes, overflowing with tissue and bright colours, from a back room they bring what they think you will suit with only a mild indication of colour or size, you wait with baited breath on a zebra print sofa in a little private room, it feels like cinderella waiting to go to the Milonga Ball and Alicia is the Fairy Godmother of Shoes, they have been called the Manolo’s of the Tango world.    see the LaMaleva video on their site

Small women’s fashion for less

<img src=”http://http://

” alt=”Wallis dress” />

Gonna post a few dresses and outfits for those who have problems finding things.

Here is the first, which I think is great for price:




Also from the same site: <a href=”



=463000&parent_categoryId=209168&pageSize=20 A brightly coloured digitally printed blouse.!

And  a little spotty playsuit with all the right petite proportions :

<a href=”http://



209168&pageSize=20” title=”Playsuit” target=”_blank”>



Wallis good for petite women

Especially for petite women, if you are  looking for something different.

Another Digtal print this time a  flowery top in strong colours for summer to put with white or denim..

Fashion runway

I love the Gianranco collection so chic and simple I love the latest runway show – should not really be looking was supposed to be sending out messages to invite folk to Wedbnesday’s book launch. So easily distracted!!!

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