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Entre Rios

Our Tango social dance otherwise known as a  Milonga has now officially got a name (see the images below), a fantastic sign painted by an artist in Buenos Aires called Jorge Muscia.  See his site at www.muscia.com

He has painted a pheonix on the ‘S’,  which was his idea but is totally relevant to the regeneration and renewal of growth and energy in Cockermouth. It also features the ciebo national flower of  Argentinia and the flag- blue and white stripes but with a pheonix in the centre instead of a gold sun.  But it has really brought some sunshine into our freezing cold December dance nights, more powerfully than any Christmas decoration could ever have done and we get to show it every month like a mini exhibition in a Milonga.

Jorge with Maggi in Buenos Aires on completion of the sign, painted with a true fileteador approach.

Jorge Muscia with Maggi Toner-Edgar in Buenos Aires displaying all his hard work, painted with larger than life colours, which seem to store the South American sunshine.


Love your pear-shape

Creative  Style

Be remarkable…   be yourself

This illustration shows how to put together a simple look that does for your figure what #Sarah Burton ’ s dress did for #Pippa Middleton at the #Royal Wedding.

The top is a cowl neck striped pattern jersey, which drapes well and creates a fuller bust than you may naturally have!  This is useful for slim girls like Pippa, quite curvy slim pear-shaped figure types who are not very full at the top, as this gives them extra curves and balances them out. If you are really curvy on the bottom half with pear-shaped hips and thighs an A-line skirt is the most flattering.  But a pencil skirt still looks good, especially in a strong woven cloth or tailored style as it accentuates your figure.  Just ensure that it is not too tight – tight lycra is only good for true gym bunnies, but if you are proud of the curves show them off.  This sort of style combination will balance out top and bottom, and looks very classy in one colour top to bottom, which also adds the illusion of height.  Other balancing tricks that work (if that is your aim) are shoulder pads, flounces frills and other neck details.

Also this sort of skirt and top goes from day to night – just wear with a blazer and pumps during the day and swap for a clutch and strappy or high metallic court shoes for at night.


Debenhams Pencil Skirt light brown (or black).

New Look, Aztec inspired stipey top in warm colour tones. Tomato Red pumps from Strolling 4 Shoes or Suede wedges from LK Bennett.

If you prefer cool colours to go with a black skirt, try tops at Debenhams ‘Betty Jackson’ Grey and White or ‘Jasper Conran’ £32.00 grey stripes with sleeves.

There are some other interesting cowl necked tops at Desire, Cockermouth, Monsoon and TK Max Carlisle and French Connection and ASOS online.

For Creative Style Advice to help you be your best contact: maggi@toner-edgar.com 01900 825407 or 07773158941

How to balance a slim pear-shaped figure

Pear-shaped ...be remarkable...be yourself

Pear-Shaped Julie 001 © Maggi Toner-Edgar

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