Figure Types

Do you know which figure type you fit into and how to use proportions and garment shapes to enhance or emphasise your form?

Style for different figure types

If you have been to one of my events or talks and took part in identifying figure types then please download one of these leaflets.  They are of course generalised statements and all women tend to be a mixture of two figure types, e.g. Slim and Latina etc.  If you wish to have a consultation to see where you fit in with these six body types, then contact me on blog, twitter or Facebook and we can do an online consultation.

1.   If  you are an even figure type top and bottom with a waistline 8″ smaller or more, then you might fit the curvy jude shape.

Curvy Jude 

2.   If you have larger hips and thighs by about 2″ then the Latina (Pear-shape) is the shape for you.

Julie Pear Shaped

3.   If you have a very average to small, slim figure type quite even all over but not very   curvy. Then you probably fit the Slim Jess type.

Slim Jess 

4.  If you have a fuller figure with weight mostly at the top half and a waistline not much smaller than your bust, then you may be similar to a guitar shape, curvy but not as curvy as an hourglass or curvy Jude.

Guitar Jenny

5.   If you have a Bust measurement larger than your hips then you could be similar to the Busty Jane figure type.

Busty Jane

6.   If you are the slimmest figure type of all, carrying very little body fat, maybe even a model or training athlete you are a pencil thin figure type.

Thinnest Jan

Enjoy!  It is meant as light-hearted suggestions and not to be taken as  fixed rules, just a few methods, if you wish to balance things up a bit – if not, go with enhancing the differences and use clothing to emphasise what you have in your own personal creative way.






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