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C-Art at Tullie House Cumbrian Artists Exhibition


Go to Tullie House website to see the exhibition where my work will be featured starting thsi weekend – free entry all  over the Xmas Period


[FASH 54A]: Top Fashion Stylists

The students of today obviously have some taste where styling is concerned.

I Do Windows

When asked to name a fashion stylist they admire a large majority of us say Rachel Zoe, and it’s not necessarily because they admire her only because they have heard of her.  She has in fact popularized the profession with her TV show and styling of red carpet celebs, but did you know there are many others out there whose work you’ve seen over and over again and just never really paid attention to who styled that look?

My students were assigned  a paper on a fashion stylist they truly admire and why.  This was to get them to open their eyes to the fact that Rachel Zoe isn’t the only name in the game, and once you compare her to others you begin to recognize what a one trick pony she is.  She has one aesthetic and sticks to hit – constantly!  I guess if it aint’ broke don’t fix it…

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Reasons why you should hire a Fashion Stylist

This is why I can save people money and change their approach at important times in their lives.

Fashion and Makeover


Hiring a Fashion Stylist or Wardrobe Consultants will save you time and effort.  Their primary role is efficiently choosing the best and most appropriate apparels that would suit you best. They are also talented and trained in changing your frame of mind and boosting your confidence to better carry the clothes you wear. They are going to provide psychological support and morale boost in getting you to flaunt those wisely chosen apparels.

Fashion Stylists have trained eyes for spotting clothing that fits perfectly for your body type. They can rearrange your wardrobe making the clothes for a scheduled day more suitable for it. Fashion Stylists refresh the clothes in your wardrobe in a way that is not boring and arduous to wear.

Skin color and the body shape that you have are taken into consideration. Whether skinny or fat, Fashion Stylists find the best clothes that fit you well…

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This would be my favourite thing to find under the tree!


Hermes scarves


From Stockholm..

Maybe not a mini in that weather – but lovely style- swedish style blogger is also good.

We Love Street Style

tuOZn1qzldazo1_500Source: Ebba Zingmark

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wood to wear


Etsy continues to bring some of the most extraordinary artisan items to the marketplace. And some of these products are not only interesting in and of themselves but because of how they came to be. Check out these Laser Cut Wood Earrings from Green Tree Jewelry, born from an incredible story of rebuilding by a family right here in the good ole USA (read more here). With over 400 intricate works of art to choose from you will surely find a new obsession everyday!


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Quote of the Day

Couldn’t agree more a man with a similar philosophy to me!


Style is very personal. It’s has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over so quickly. Style is forever.” -Ralph Lauren

Style is very personal

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This reminds me of some of my street style images of Bs As that I meant to blog – must get onto it.


Jeremy Scott x Adidas Fall 2012

Article By: Valencia Le’Nnett


Jeremy Scott has been phucking up the new fall 2012 Adidasline. The new line is so raw and has so much steeze, the hipsters are lined up for the new animal themed sneakers and funky clothes. The fall ’12 line has an assortment of electric patterns and that 90’s funk we all love . Some of the shit is a bit out there I must admitt but phuck it we’re all a little crazy.

Check out this video of Jeremy Scotts’s Spring 2012 visual. We know this will be just as sucessful. Also check out the video of hipster king, A$AP Rocky cosigning Jeremy Scott and the Homosexual community.

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just what Kitty needs for Xmas – don’t think they ‘ll be in her stocking!

Just Published: Endymion Men’s Fragrance Review

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